Mark Gatiss being a complete & utter cutey-pie… how can people possibly say this man isn’t fanciable!! (x)

"Adaneth, I tell thee, Aikanar the Sharp-flame loved thee. For thy sake now he will never take the hand of any bride of his own kindred, but live alone to the end, remembering the morning in the hills of Dorthonion. But too soon in the North-wind his flame will go out! Foresight is given to the Eldar in many things not far off, though seldom of joy, and I say to thee thou shalt live long in the order of your kind, and he will go forth before thee and he will not wish to return.”

— Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth, JRR Tolkien


우리성길이 첫 우주선사고(?) 기념사진 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Can we get a summer special too?

I really want to see Sherlock solve a case in the summer. Because I want to see how he manages without his coat and scarf.

I want a murder at the beach episode.

I want to see John in shorts and a sandals and a Hawaiian shirt, walking around with Sherlock. And Sherlock is utterly horrified and finally turns to him: “John, I can’t believe you are dressed like that. I can’t be seen with you like this. People are staring at us.” “No, Sherlock, people are staring because you are wearing a wool coat in July.”



Demon!Dean // 10x03 [x]

Can I just go ahead and talk about how fucking spectacular Jensen’s fucking acting is here? He does Demon! Dean so perfectly! Exactly how I imagined! He still has that sense of “Dean”, witty, sarcastic, and even charming. But you can tell he has an almost empty, cold, uncaring feel in his eyes and body language. Look at the way Dean walks as a demon. That stride just exudes pure “I don’t give a single fuck.”

Am I the only one intrigued by the parallel body language and camera work here? The shot of them each walking out is mirrored in how it’s framed. They both do something to combat the cold (he adjusts his jacket and she puts on her gloves); and (this is hard to catch in the gifs but you can hear it in the episode) they both give a single sniff.

It’s said that people in love can start to imitate each other’s body language. Now I don’t think that’s quite what is happening here, but I do wonder if this is a visual clue. I mean, the director might have said, “show it’s cold out by sniffing and you — Benedict — adjust your coat, and you — Louise — put on your gloves,” and that’s all the point was. But I’ve always thought that Molly was sniffly because she was getting emotional inside the flat, and I wonder if this is a sign that Sherlock secretly felt the same way as she did.

(TL;DR: This show is slowly stealing my sanity I am analyzing Ben and Lou’s boogers please send help)


Leader of The Ravagers:Yondu Udonta

“It’s a beautiful story, a great uplifting story and I found the relationship between Quill and Yondu intriguing,”“He went to pick him up from Earth and for some reason he decided not to take him where he was meant to go and raised him himself. He made a connection with him, and Yondu now enjoys the fact that Quill has the courage to do his own thing.”-Michael Rooker/Yondu Udonta

If I win the lottery within the next decade I’m going to fund my own studio production of a Titanic sequel set about 20-30 years after the original in which Jack somehow mysteriously survived because reasons and turns up amnesiac on a now-widowed Rose’s doorstep and the only thing he remembers is her. I will throw whatever money is required at Kate and Leo.

Actually I should probably just start a Kickstarter asking every fellow adolescent/teenage girl who sat in the theater in 1997 and cried to donate $10. We could probably make it a trilogy.