Your Loss Would Break My Heart


Sometimes I think it’s a good thing Mycroft genuinely does not care about anyone except the stroppy little brother who most of the time doesn’t want his help or attention.

Because imagine, for a moment, that Mycroft loved someone who would be receptive to his help and attention.  Mycroft loves so hard he puts the entire government on hold to vet his brother’s playmates, lets his brother steal his security passes, and comes running at the first hint that Sherlock might be in pain and need him.  Mycroft caring for someone who actually accepts his affection would be terrifying.

Mycroft apparently has the single biggest concentration of power short of the combined force of the PM and the Queen of anyone in the entire country (and possibly several surrounding countries).  Mycroft could destroy people with nothing more than a text message to Anthea.  Mycroft can get anything, have anything done, and make people disappear on a whim.  Mycroft could tear the country apart with a flick of his wrist.

All that power, in the hands of a ruthless, amoral, avenging lover; a doting, indulgent, limitless lover; an omniscient lover who can’t handle a broken heart?  All that power, in the hands of the emotionally compromised?

England would fall.

Sherlock chooses alone because it protect him. Perhaps Mycroft chooses alone because it protects everyone else.

This renews my faith in the innocuous Mycake ship.


im sorry i know i’m a disgusting trash person but all i want in life is a flashback to hydra scientists telling bucky that captain america went down with the plane


He holds out against the torture because he thinks Steve will rescue him again. And then they tell him. They show him the reports. Steve is dead. And it doesn’t matter that Steve became a super soldier, that Steve was the one to rescue him from HYDRA the first time, because Bucky knew that deep down Steve would always need him. It was his job: looking after the scrawny kid from Brooklyn. It was what defined him. And he’s failed. Steve followed him to war, and now Steve is dead. And he knows now that this is his punishment. There’s no help coming for him. He thinks about brainwashing HYDRA has begun again. It used to terrify him, but now he prays for it, prays it will be thorough and wash away what’s left of his wretched failed existence and the bitter memories….


Sephiroth medical pictures make me happy

I’ve discovered how Marvel Studios has been keeping it’s production costs down:

"Andy Gill, the second unit stunt coordinator, plans car placement for a battle scene between Captain America and the Winter Soldier." (EW)

It actually bothers me that we don’t know Mycroft’s favorite flavor of cake.

It bothers me that Sherlock didn’t leave John and Mary’s wedding with a piece of cake for Mycroft.

It bothers me that Mycroft didn’t even go to the wedding JUST BECAUSE IT MEANT WE DIDN’T GET A MYCAKE SCENE.

This is the most insidious fanon to ever come into existence.

"You watched Bareil die in this very room. I know how that’s haunted you. I don’t want your last memory of me to be witnessing my death." — Odo, 7x23

Even Odo understands that you don’t have to ship Kira/Bareil but you best respect.